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What's New At Kapital Produce

The M.O.S and Kapital Group finished a new high tech 30 acre production facility adjacent to the current 50 acre greenhouse range of Kapital. This new state of the art facility is set up to grow beefstake, cluster, and specialty tomatoes. The operation is now planted and will commence production of these quality tomatoes late April 2013. The company has also opened the new 45,000sq.ft packaging facility along with a 65,000sq.ft cooler and shipping facility. Both are now operational and ready for the 2013 season and include various new state of the art packaging equipment.

In particular, the shipping facility as a step forward utilizing a new concept of E-Commerce has been equipped with high resolution cameras that can zoom in on any actual pallet of packaged produce. It is the intention of the Group to put efforts and the required capital necessary to fully develop this concept. It is envisioned that a customer will be able to purchase online a selected lot of product from our inventory actually viewing the quality and the particulars prior to sale. It will be interesting to see how this concept is accepted by the trade as we believe that it will in fact make our customerís job of procurement and delivery seamless and simple.

The commitment of the Group is obvious with the expenditures of these latest developments. It is our intention to continue to seek innovation to ensure our customers are kept competitive using our brand to supply the needs of this important category.

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