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Kapital Produce Green Program

Here at Kapital Produce we have the environment on our minds! From our new fuel efficient and pollution reduced semi trucks that are on the road to the rain water that falls from the skies… we are improving how our company functions each and every day.

Research and Development is hard at work here; doing a study on the new low consumption lighting system in which our operation could produce the same top quality produce but with 80% less energy consumption used than traditional lighting methods.

Did we mention that Kapital Produce only relies on itself and Mother Nature to produce all of its water?! That’s right; we have been catching the rain water year round as well as recapturing our own leach water, sending it through a state of the art water filtration system here at Kapital Produce and finally watering all of our plants with this perfectly reusable water! This means that Kapital Produce is an enterprise which does not have to rely on city water to do the job, we rely on what comes from the skies…including the sun!

On September 1, 2010 a letter and plaque of recognition was received by Kapital Produce from Natural Resources Canada recognizing our company’s voluntary commitment to becoming a more energy efficient company and support Canada’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

And this is only the start of our journey to becoming the best Kapital Produce can possibly be!

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