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Food & Safety Program

The freshness and security of our entire greenhouse product is highly important to us within all of our facilities here at Kapital Produce Ltd. From our propagation area in which we produce all of the plants for the greenhouses, to the picking, packing and preparation for delivery; our produce is monitored by a very in-depth Food & Safety Program.

Since 2007 our Food & Safety Program has been recognized as one of the best, and has kept a Gold Standard rating form our third party auditors. This being said each year our Food & Safety Supervisors review this program and improve it, only to better our company’s product for the consumers. We have a “first in, first out” rule, this is to ensure freshness for buyers and in turn its consumers as well.

All facilities are monitored day and night by a sophisticated security system. This is to reduce the risk of product contamination and to once again ensure our buyers the highest quality of fruits and vegetables we can produce here at Kapital Produce Ltd. Our associates are screened prior to our company hiring them and given proper training before beginning work throughout our greenhouses. With these tools set in place we reduce the risk of product damage and on site worker injury. Our ultimate goal is to not only keep the product we produce top quality, but to better our workers knowledge of their own duties to ensure a safe work environment for all. Accomplishing these goals yearly Kapital Produce Ltd. is moving forward.

In 2011 we will be expanding our company to 80 acres. It will be located all on one site which will only improve the efficiency of our Food & Safety Program. This will ensure all of our customers around the world that “From field to fork” Kapital Produce Ltd. can give all; top quality produce that has been grown, handled and delivered with care. Also with the knowledge that from seed to pepper/tomato our produce has been monitored daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly, will only solidify to consumers are companies dedication to their well being.

Kapital Produce Ltd. strives to be the best and to deliver the best. From our companies decision to reducing the pesticides used on our crops and implement a state of the art biological program. To catching our rain water and recycling it to reduce the waste of water, we are truly working with nature to work with you.

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